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Welcome to Forest Lakes Neighborhood

Firewise & Safety Association

Wildfire Prevention and Community Safety

Keeping Our Community Thriving

Our Mission

The Forest Lakes Neighborhood Firewise and Safety Association mission is to prevent wildfires, promote forest health and increase the safety of our community. Through volunteers, donations, grants and sponsorships we provide education, wildfire mitigation projects and community programs to support  homeowners. By working together, we will protect our homes and preserve our forest surroundings.

Our Goals


Acres of Land Protected


Homes Made Defensible


Community Partnerships

Family Portrait

How We Work

The Forest Lakes Neighborhood Firewise and Safety Association (FLFSA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This formation was necessary in order to receive grants and donations. Our team is comprised of several board members, none of whom receive any payment. We have no employees. We rely on volunteers, donations and grants to fuel our mission. 

We need to use some of the funds we raise to cover our unavoidable operating expenses such as online services, accounting and insurance.

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Our Projects

Thanks to a Cal Fire grant our first major project will be to make our primary neighborhood exit route much safer by creating shaded fuel breaks and removing hazardous trees along Lakeside Drive. This work will not begin until the spring as we need to properly plan the project, schedule the work with vendors and get environmental impact approval. 

If you would like to stay informed about our progress and road work schedule please subscribe to our newsletter or text alerts.


Firewise Certificate

Forest Lakes residents can get a discount on their homeowners insurance by providing proof of Firewise certification.

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Trimming Shrubs

Get Involved

There are many ways to take part in the work we do at Forest Lakes Firewise. Whether you want to volunteer your time, donate resources, or simply learn more about wildfire prevention and forest health, we welcome your involvement.

“A spark neglected makes a mighty fire."  

Robert Herrick, English Poet

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