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Our Community-Driven Plan for 2023-2025

Join Us in Making Forest Lakes Safer and Stronger

Below is the 3-yr plan we are required to submit to the National Fire Prevention Association to maintain our Firewise Certification. This reflects our goals for Forest Lakes safety, wildfire prevention, forest health and home value preservation. 
If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer your skills (they don't have to be physical labor) please reach out.
Education and Outreach Initiatives
  • Community Communications: We're actively using our Firewise Facebook group for neighborhood fire safety updates and our website to share wildfire safety information, gather volunteer hours, and manage newsletter registrations.

  • Annual Education Event: This year, we successfully merged our Education Event with the Outdoor Movie Night, resulting in a fantastic turnout for our community potluck featuring guest speakers.

  • Zone Leadership Engagement: Ongoing dialogues with zone leaders to achieve specific goals within their areas.

  • Outreach Events for 2024: Plans for Wild Wednesday food and expert networking nights at Felton Community Hall are underway, combining educational topics with community engagement and delicious food.

  • Youth Volunteer Program: We're developing opportunities for high school students to fulfill volunteer hours by assisting with yard work and fuel reduction projects for the elderly and/or disabled, with proper insurance in place.

  • Collaboration with Forest Lakes Mutual Water Company (FLMWC): A growing partnership focused on aligning community goals for Firewise initiatives and grant projects, including involvement in FLMWC events like Pie in the Park to raise funds and awareness.

Home Hardening Efforts
  • Educational Outreach: Continued emphasis on home hardening through our Firewise Facebook group, showcasing neighborhood project examples.

  • Chipping Programs: Promotion of sponsored programs for community benefit.

  • Fire-Safe Landscaping: Sharing advice on removing flammable/invasive plants via social media.

Defensible Space and Fuel Reduction Achievements
  • Cal File Grant: We've secured funding to enhance our main egress/ingress route with fuel breaks and hazardous tree removal, scheduled to begin in 2024.

  • Community Engagement: Ongoing efforts to share effective defensible space and fuel reduction strategies, including photos and tools, on our social media and website (

  • US Forest Service Grant Application: Awaiting a decision on our application for equipment to support a permanent forest management program.

Evacuation Planning and Wildfire Preparedness
  • Exit Route Communication Plan: Development of a plan to inform the community about exit route work schedules and the importance of adhering to emergency traffic rules.

  • Emergency Route Discussions: Meetings with local CalFire Forester and exploration of turning a long-blocked road into an emergency evacuation route, along with community engagement efforts to build trust and cooperation.

  • Improved Signage and Communication Tools: Plans to enhance signage and explore new communication methods, such as walkie-talkies with repeaters and SMS broadcasts, for better access control during emergencies.

2024 Building Our Foundation Together

Community Engagement & Learning:

  • Wild Wednesday Gatherings: Join us for delicious food and wildfire prevention, home hardening and native plant landscaping tips. A great way to meet neighbors and learn together!

  • Seasonal Safety Tips Direct to Your Inbox: Our new digital newsletter will keep you updated on how to protect your home and our neighborhood, with easy-to-follow seasonal advice.

  • Celebrate Our Forests: Don't miss our inaugural Forest Festival! Enjoy music, local vendors, and connect with your community to celebrate and protect our beautiful surroundings. 

  • Volunteer for a Greener Tomorrow: Help us educate using whatever time and skills you can contribute to your community. From managing social media to newsletter, event planning, business relations or clearing brush, you can make a difference!

Enhancing Our Ecosystem with Native California Plants

  • In our commitment to wildfire safety and ecological health, we're integrating the use of native California plants into our landscape management and defensible space strategies. These native species are not only naturally adapted to our local climate but also possess qualities that can help in reducing the wildfire risk. Their deep root systems reduce soil erosion, improve water retention, and provide crucial habitat for local wildlife. By incorporating these plants into our community's yards, public spaces, and around our homes, we're not only beautifying our neighborhood but also contributing to a healthier, more fire-resilient ecosystem. Join us in embracing the natural beauty and protective benefits of California's native flora, a step forward in our journey towards a safer and more sustainable community environment.

  • Protecting Our Homes:

    • Defensible Spaces Initiative: We're launching programs to help you clear brush and ensure your home is safer from wildfires, with options for volunteer and professional assistance.

    • Home Safety Upgrades: Learn how to make your home more fire-resistant, from gutter cleaning to sealing cracks, fire safe vents, siding, windows and roofing.

  • Community-Wide Safety Efforts:

    • Fuel Reduction Drives: Join our mission to reduce wildfire risks by participating in defensible space events and fuel removal programs.

    • Evacuation and Wildfire Preparedness: With the support of grants, we're improving evacuation routes and increasing the visibility of crucial safety signs. Let's work together on the Repeat Defender project to make our community safer and more resilient.

2025 Goals: Expanding Our Reach and Impact
  • Enhanced Communication for Emergencies: We're creating a detailed resident database to help first responders during emergencies, ensuring everyone's safety is prioritized.

  • More Opportunities for Involvement: we’ll add to our variety of regular events and establish a bi-annual Forest Festival that will grow with more community participation and inter-community collaboration.

  • Innovative Fire Safety Solutions: spread fire safety innovations through our partnerships with vendors, including discounts on fire-resistant materials.

  • Sustained Safety Measures:

    • Ongoing Defensible Space Work: The Repeat Defender project will establish a permanent volunteer and equipment network to maintain clear and safe spaces around our homes and critical infrastructure while improving the health of our surrounding forest.

    • Emergency Preparedness: establish additional emergency exit routes and set up a GMRS radio network for reliable, community-wide communication in emergencies.

Together, We Can Protect Forest Lakes. Join us in these initiatives to create a safer, more connected, and resilient community. Whether through volunteering, participating in our events, or simply staying informed, your involvement makes a real difference. Let's work together to safeguard our homes, our loved ones, and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

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