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If you live in the Forest Lakes Neighborhood, you belong to 1 of 12 zones. Take a look at the map below to find out which zone your house is in and who your zone leader is. You can contact your zone leader for any questions or concerns you may have about your zone or the neighborhood itself.
For information on what zone you are in, who your zone leader is and their contact information, see the map and list below.



Zone 1, Lakeview Dr./ Gulch Rd.

Angela Kelly,

Zone 8-A, William Way, Quarry Rd. (from William Way up), Ferrari Rd.

Dean Williams,

Zone 2, Redwood Rd./ Oak Pl./ Redwood Pl.

Christine Clement,

Zone 3, Brookside Way

Henry Burnett,

Zone 4, Laurel Ave./ Willow Way

Doug Morris,

Zone 5, Madrona Rd./ Pine Ave./ Lakeside to Laurel

Karen Haralson,

Zone 6, Scenic Dr. (from Fern to slide)

Dave Dondero,

Zone 7, Fern Ave./ Laguna Ave./ lower Quarry to William Way

Gina Fish,

Zone 8-B, McLellan Rd.

Elise Baugh,

Zone 9-A, Lakeside Dr. 985-1420

Scott Greco,

Zone 9-B, Lakeside Dr. 1460-1830/ Creek Dr.

Richard and Pat Dussell,

Zone 10, Early Dr./ Sleepy Hollow Ln./ Altamount

Cyndi Maskolunas,
and Dave Wade,

Zone 11, Gold Gulch Rd./ Pool Rd./ Nugget Dr.

Rebecca Schultheis,

Zone 12, Upper Scenic/ View Rd.

Jeanne Gonda,

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