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Tips on how to prepare for fires, earthquakes, and other emergencies to ensure your family and your home stay protected.


Protecting Your Home

Do you know how to protect your home from a fire or other natural emergency? Click the button below for tips on how to protect your home before and during an emergency.


Creating Defensible Space

Ensuring you have defensible space between your house and the greenery around your property. To see how to create defensible space around your home, click the link below.


Propane Tanks and Fire Safety

Propane tanks should have a non-combustable perimeter of least 10 ft. For more information on propane tank safety, click the link below.


Planning for Emergency

What are the steps you need to take to be prepared before an emergency takes place? Click the link below to find out how you and your family can plan for an emergency.


Preparing for an Earthquake

Earthquakes can be very scary and sudden. Make sure you are prepared before one hits. Click the button below to find out how you can prepare for an earthquake.

Be Prepared: Resources
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